On about April 19th 2002 SOMEONE hacked into the old guestbooks and DELETED them. What they deleted was over 500 DEATH and ADDICTION stories relating directly to OXYCONTIN. They also deleted over 100 stories from people who are legitimate patients and most of them need oxycontin for their SEVERE PAIN. I apologize to anyone who took the time to share their stories to HELP warn others. Those guestbooks were somehow a comfort to all who have been affected by this ABUSE epidemic. Please if you are looking for your story then REPOST it. I'm sad to say but by the amount of email I am receiving these guestbook's will rapidly rebuild their SAD tales BUT people need to be warned as to the power of this drug and the deadly consequences when ABUSED.
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Type:Death Story

Date:2/25/2012 7:24:26 PM
Our daghter, Rachel was a beautiful honors student. She danced with our local ballet for 7 years as a student.....then she became addicted to oxy after taking them at a 4 day long party. She spent the next 6 years in and out of jail and treatment programs. On August 24, 2010 out of druags and hope, in the middle of a rainy night she went into a vacant lot, took off her belt and climbed a small tree. She palaced the belt around her neck and hung herself rather than face another day of the hell that Oxycontin had turned her life into.
Name:Debra Basham

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Type:Death Story

Date:1/31/2012 12:17:25 PM
My best friend Jeffery Lee Oglesby died Oct. 10 2003 from taking OXY. for pain from a job injury . I hadn't seen Jeff in years . I thought Id have time . I miss him so much. I didn't even know he got married. I really feel for his wife. Jeff was a funny, crazy person. He could make me happy just by walking into a room. I will think of him with a smile/ Love you Jeff



Type:Abuse Story

Date:1/24/2012 12:11:49 PM
My sons is 13 years old and his father (whom were not together) has a horrible addiction to Oxycontin and Perks. He slurs his speach and sounds like he is tired all the time. Its horrible to see. He has been hospitalized several times for heart related issues and has been told he needs to quit taking these meds. He has attempted suicide twice and has checked himself into a treatment place one time however they allowed him to sign himself out after 5 days. I am afraid to leave my son at home because I dont want him to be the one to find him dead. I know that this is what the end result is if he doesnt quit...death! My good friend also has begun an addiction with OXy claiming that she only takes them to relax or to wind down. She buys them off the street. I dont know why she does this. She is all her son has! She has no family around her and is not close with her other family..if she died her four year old son would be alone!! My fear is that he is so young if she was to die he wouldnt be left alone in the house with her lifeless body crying not knowing what to do! No matter what you say to these people they just dont get it. I have coped and pasted so many of these death and almost death stories on a word document and I am going to give them to her to read! Maybe that will shine some life on the situation. I could use some prayers right now!
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