On about April 19th 2002 SOMEONE hacked into the old guestbooks and DELETED them. What they deleted was over 500 DEATH and ADDICTION stories relating directly to OXYCONTIN. They also deleted over 100 stories from people who are legitimate patients and most of them need oxycontin for their SEVERE PAIN. I apologize to anyone who took the time to share their stories to HELP warn others. Those guestbooks were somehow a comfort to all who have been affected by this ABUSE epidemic. Please if you are looking for your story then REPOST it. I'm sad to say but by the amount of email I am receiving these guestbook's will rapidly rebuild their SAD tales BUT people need to be warned as to the power of this drug and the deadly consequences when ABUSED.
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Type:Abuse Story

Date:10/2/2006 5:27:16 PM
Hi everyone, I wanted to sign the book again but this time celebrating my son's one year anniversary of being Oxy clean and all other substances clean. He has had a wonderful year and we have enjoyed having him back with us. He is an honor student at his college and playing football for one of the nations top teams. Its been a blessing for our family and we are so thankful to have him with us still. I want to say to anyone who is using or has a loved one that is using. Please don't give up. Have the intervention with your loved one. If you are using please turn to your family for help. This drug can take over your life without you even knowing. This is what happen with our son. He tried it and the next thing you know it had taken ahold of his entire world to where he was hours from death. Ed, I want to thank you for the site you have made available to us. Even though my son is clean, I still read this site and all the emails you send. I know your loss is hard, but you have helped so many people our family included. We thank you. God bless, Stephanie



Type:Death Story

Date:9/29/2006 1:00:15 PM
Ellis never took pills, it only took one OXY to kill him on May 19, 2004. He mixed it with alcohol. He was only 28 years old. He leaves behind his sister, mother, and son. We never saw it coming. Rest in peace Ellis. We love you so much.

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Type:Abuse Story

Date:9/28/2006 5:49:33 PM
Hello, my name is Patrick.. First off I am very sorry to hear of everyone's loses. About 4 years ago I was introduced to oxycontin by someone, they offered me 10mg, I snorted the crushed up tablet and felt a sensation I has never felt before. From that moment on I did oxycontin everyday for 3 1/2 years. During those 3 1/2 years my friend charles (19yrs old) overdosed on Methedone, which is another well known prescription drug readily available for teenagers, by a miracle he survived, though this would have never happened it he hadnt become addicted to opiot based medication, which oxycontin got him started into. To this day charles is still a junkie, and a constant needle user. Although the close death of my friend hit me hard, I still continued to use, I never used a needle, because I was scared of them, though i was snorting 80mg tablets at a time and somedays up too 3 tablets in one day. The most interesting thing about my story is where I was getting them from, not from a doctor, not from someone with a prescription for them, but from someone that worked at a local Rite-Aid, she stole them. She worked there for about 1 year, and alreasy had access to the stronger narcotics. This couldnt be hard for her because they were not locked up, they were on shelves in alphabetical order. The store did inventory every month, although anywheres between 100-200 tablets were stolen, no one seemed to know, because this when on for years. Then, about 1 year ago, my friend Dustin, who was a longtime addict to oxycontin, mathedone, and a new thing kids were doing, Fentanayl Patches (Unsure of actual spelling), this is morphene in a patch, which you place on your body and over a 72 hour time frame the patch SLOWLY injects the drug through your pores into your blood stream, but what me and lots of other kids were doing was cutting a corner of the patch off and eating the gell inside all at once, this caused an almost instant and VERY intense high, well, my friend dustin did that with a 100mg patch and died, he was only 21 years old, and my best friend. For one I am all for the "SEVERE ONLY" thing, but the pharmacies need to keep a closer eye on their inventory, they have progressed in Methodone by making it not water soluble, this means the pills in not able to be crushed up and used in a needle, I DONT KNOW WHY THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH OXY!!?!?! Now I'm clean and sober and have a little baby girl one the way... So my life is all straightened out except for my best friend is gone, oxy might have one the battle, but we will win the war!
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